Mosaic Wall Panels

Mosaic Wall Panels: From traditional styles to more contemporary designs, we invite you to browse and buy from our stunning and yet cost-effective mosaic wall panels UK collection. From ice blue and diamond black mosaic through to white and graphite, these elegant 8mm thick mosaic wall tile effect panels will enhance and protect your walls in any room.

Have you ever looked at a mosaic wall and wondered at the time, effort and skill that goes into creating it? Of course, creating a thing of beauty in your bathroom like a wall of mosaic shower tiles is not for the faint-hearted even with the mesh mosaic tile sheets available in the UK. This is where our mosaic effect wall panels come in.

With even the most basic DIY skills and some everyday hand tools, the mosaic tile panel makes it possible to recreate the stunning effect of mosaic wall tiles without the mess, fuss and high-level skills you would normally associate with it.

The Mosaic effect PVC panels from our Decorwall Elegance range feature strong, bold colours and a textured feel. They provide the kind of luxurious finish that has long been a favourite with our customers. Not just mosaic bathroom wall panels, these 100% watertight panels can be used to protect and decorate
your walls in any area of your home including kitchens, wet rooms and even in your living areas.

Scroll down below the products to learn more about these fantastic mosaic wall tile panels.

The advantages of mosaic wall tile panels

Quick and convenient

There is no longer any need to spend ages creating a complex mosaic wall with individual tiles. You can recreate the same finish in a fraction of the time using mosaic wall panels and still get the sophisticated and stylish look.


Elevate the look of any room at a minimal expense and continue saving once they are installed. Not only are these panels far cheaper to buy, the fact that they are easy to install means that you can avoid the expensive job rates that a skilled tradesman would charge for creating a mosaic wall. This type of cladding uses an internal honeycomb design, which increases thermal insulation to provide ongoing savings on the cost of heating and cooling.


When faced with an existing tile installation that no longer inspires you, it is easy to be put off by the prospect of having to remove the tiles, finish the walls and re-tile. Not just a messy and time-consuming job but one that requires a particular skill set to achieve a professional finish.

Installing mosaic PVC panels is the perfect alternative. With the use of our specially formulated adhesive for fixing decorative wall panels and because they are slotted together with a convenient ‘V’ groove type fitting, they can be installed right across the top of existing tiled surfaces. They can also be mounted on a timber frame using countersunk screws or panel pins.

We also stock a range of mounting trims, internal and external corner trims and end caps that make getting a high-level finish much easier.


Because of the natural moisture in a bathroom, the grout lines between conventional tiles typically become discoloured over time. Grouted joints can also become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria even with the most stringent of cleaning routines. Our mosaic shower panels require no grout. They are completely waterproof, mould resistant and easy to clean and maintain. With a smooth and tightly jointed finish, it takes little more than a wipe over with a damp cloth to keep this wall cladding clean and hygienic.

Mounting and finishing trims for creating a mosaic wall with PVC panelling

By clicking on the product you are interested in and scrolling down the page, you can find our range of trims and accessories that make getting that professional finish so much easier.

- Quadrant chrome edge trim

The quadrant trim has a rounded finish with a flat back to provide easy fitting and a perfect finish for internal corners. Coming in 2600mm lengths this trim can be easily cut to length and fitted in place using a construction adhesive

- External corner angle trim

Create perfect joins on protruding corners. Coming in 2600mm lengths these are easy to cut to length using a hacksaw or trimming shears. The 8mm panels fit securely inside the slots for a strong, stable and watertight finish

- Starter trim

Whether you need a neat start from the bottom or the side this starter trim also known as end cap trim is the perfect way to start or finish your PVC wall panelling/cladding in style. Easily cut to length, the 8mm slot is the perfect size for inserting your mosaic tile wall panels

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Elegance Powder Blue Mosaic 300mm x 2.7M x 8mm

Elegance Powder Blue Mosaic 300mm x 2.7M x 8mm

Stock Code: QMBV01
2 In Stock
£25.58 (inc VAT) per LENGTH
£21.32 (exc VAT)
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Elegance Ice Blue Mosaic 300mm x 2.7M x 8mm

Elegance Ice Blue Mosaic 300mm x 2.7M x 8mm

Stock Code: QMBV04
Delivery in 3-5 days
£26.63 (inc VAT) per LENGTH
£22.19 (exc VAT)
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Elegance Pale Grey Mosaic 300mm x 2.7M x 8mm

Elegance Pale Grey Mosaic 300mm x 2.7M x 8mm

Stock Code: QMBV15
Delivery in 3-5 days
£25.58 (inc VAT) per LENGTH
£21.32 (exc VAT)
Quantity: - +