The gutter supply section of the Principality Plastics Warehouse is one of our busiest departments. Our extensive range of plastic guttering including cast iron effect guttering is in constant demand. Suitable for new-build houses, renovations and standard gutter replacement in industrial and residential settings, we sell some of the best quality gutters online. Guttering is in stock here in our warehouses in Wales and available for rapid delivery anywhere in the UK


Our guttering UK range extends across all use cases. Whether you need a standard economy system for a small to medium size property or high-capacity PVC gutters to suit the flow rate from larger, steeper roof styles, we have the variations that allow you to purchase gutters for any use.

Of course, when you buy plastic guttering you need to be sure that the complete range of fittings is available that allows you to attach it to all of the different angles and elevations that present themselves. Complex building layouts rarely afford the luxury of simple, straight runs so when you buy gutters from Principality Plastics, we have the complete range of gutter fittings you need to accompany them.

Three advantages of PVC guttering systems

1. Cost-effective: You could devote a substantial budget to guttering. Cast iron, steel and even copper systems are available, but they come at a cost. They also require regular maintenance. Plastic gutters are by far the cheaper alternative; and with styles available that replicate the look of metal gutters, there is no need to compromise on appearance.

2. Ease of installation: Plastic gutter systems are lightweight, easy to mount and fit together flawlessly to produce an efficient watertight rainwater drainage solution. Complete with all the fittings and components you need for even the most complex jobs, plastic guttering makes sense.

3. Low maintenance: PVC comes in a range of colours and once installed you can almost forget about it. No awkward repainting or climbing ladders to perform maintenance tasks. When correctly installed, our systems come with a guarantee of at least 10 years of trouble-free performance. Read more detailed information about choosing and installing the correct gutters.

Plastic guttering – your choices and options
Installing the right gutter and drainage that takes water from roof level down to your drainage system without leaking is crucial for preventing water damage to your building and foundations. Having already mentioned that we can supply a guttering system to suit any purpose, let's now take a closer look at what is available:

1. Half Round Guttering (112mm)

This is our economy gutter system suitable for normal use on small to medium size properties. These come in a range of high-gloss colour finishes that will easily match your styling ambitions:

*Anthracite Grey

The Kayflow systems carry a 10-year guarantee meaning that you can be confident that once installed, your plastic guttering is going to be resistant to weather extremes and will not bend, buckle or shatter.

These gutters are easy to fit with a simple sprung clipping system and a full range of colour-matched fittings, hoppers and downpipes that will allow you to design water drainage for all of the angles and elevations you might encounter.

2. Square Guttering (117mm)

When you need to purchase gutters with a higher capacity suitable for all domestic purposes, our ever-popular square guttering will not just do the job well but look stylish whilst doing it. You have styling options with the downpipes too. You can attach round or square downpipes to these gutters.

The gutters are easy to fit with an easy-clip system incorporated. They come in 5 high-gloss colours - Anthracite Grey, black, brown, caramel, and white accompanied by a complete range of colour-matched fittings. Buy this system with confidence as it comes with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee.

3. Sov / Ogee Guttering (120mm)

When you need maximum water drainage capacity combined with a pleasing look, the Ogee high-capacity gutter system more than fits the bill. Coming in a high-gloss finish, you get a choice of 5 colours to complement any outdoor colour scheme. The 120mm sizing captures water flowing from even the steepest of roofs with no spillage.

*Anthracite Grey

Ogee gutter systems can be installed with a Round or a Square downpipe system and come with a full range of colour-matched fittings plus a choice of downpipes. We often recommend this gutter system as being perfect for attaching to the range of PVC Fascia Boards available on the Fascia Category Page.

4. Cast Iron Effect Plastic Guttering

The Kayflow cast iron effect guttering demonstrates quite clearly that plastic guttering can be stylish as well as functional. This is undoubtedly one of the most authentic plastic Cast Iron Effect guttering systems on the market. Combining the traditional appearance of cast iron guttering with the advantages of a low-maintenance integrated PVC rainwater system, the premium look of this system suits period properties as well as for styling the period look.

With specially styled and moulded downpipe components and fittings designed to closely resemble traditional cast iron systems the range of accessories completes the look. They also come with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee.

Why Purchase Gutters from the Principality Plastics Warehouse?

With around three decades of experience supplying plastic and PVC building supplies to both trade and retail customers, we have learnt to source our supplies from premium manufacturers that focus on producing the highest quality products at affordable prices. Savings that we then pass on to our customers.

With three stores and a significant online presence, we have built a reputation for supplying well-constructed products with the build quality that stands the test of time and all backed by an unwavering commitment to high-level customer service.

From our 3 warehouses, we offer rapid delivery anywhere in the UK and Ireland. We offer same day despatch for products held in stock - meaning that wherever you are, your order will be delivered without delay. Not only that, if your total order value is over £180, it will be delivered directly to your door at no additional cost.

Yes, that's FREE delivery!

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