Underground Drainage

Underground Drainage Pipe, Fittings and Inspection Chambers: We invite you to browse and buy from our best-in-class underground drainage supplies category. Find a complete range covering everything you need to repair, replace or install brand new underground drainage systems. Manufactured in hard-wearing and virtually maintenance-free PVC-u, once installed you can forget about your subsurface drainage for years to come knowing that the system will simply sit there and work flawlessly. With domestic 110mm underground drainage pipe, plus the commercial higher-flow 160mm systems and a variety of fittings and inspection chambers, locate and order everything you need right here.

What is underground drainage?
This is the general term for sub-surface drainage. The system of underground sewage pipes and fittings transports foul water (also known as black water) away from your home or business and into the public sewer system. Underground drainage is also used to direct rainwater to a soak-away or in cases where you can prove there is no viable alternative, into the sewer.

This drainage system featuring robust PVC-u construction for pipes and fittings is a step up from older clay and plastic solutions. The smooth inner wall of the pipe promotes a much better flow rate while the robust construction resists degradation or collapse.

Under ground drainage pipes and fittings are instantly recognised because they are terracotta orange in colour. Built for compatibility with soil pipe systems installed above ground as well as manholes and inspection chambers, the available joiners and fittings include adaptors for full interoperability.

Full compatibility
If you are concerned that you may have difficulty connecting these modern systems to your existing clay or plastic sewer pipes and rainwater pipes you can relax. With adapters to connect to rainwater pipes, 110mm x 160mm underground level invert reducers and straight rubber couplers, our systems have the built-in flexibility to get around every tricky situation.

Fittings and joiners
Whether you need to join 2 pipes together, get around a bend or introduce a junction to take flow from 2 or even 3 different sources, we have the standard and specialised fittings you need to get the job done. And with a choice of bottle gullies and hoppers, directing water into your drainage system is easier than ever.

Inspection Chambers
Keeping tabs on your drainage flow, taking care of blockages and gaining access to the system is made much easier with our underground inspection chambers. With the raising pieces you need for surface access and manhole bases to accommodate 2 or 4 connections there should never be any need to dig for access.

Expert advice is always available
With such a diverse range of fittings for a variety of applications, buying from plastic building and construction supplies specialists is a wise move.

Here at Principality, we have been stocking underground drainage supplies for DIY and trade buyers for more than 3 decades. We have expert staff on hand to answer your questions and give you that essential product advice.

Email us your drainage plans or give us a call to talk to drainage experts. Head on over to our Contact Page and find all of the details you need to get in touch.

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