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Principality Plastics Hygiene Cladding
Our hygienic wall cladding is specifically designed and manufactured for use in hygienic environments. It also offers excellent resistance to chemicals and is suitable for use in food industry applications. The hygiene boards can be easily formed, fabricated, and used for digital traditional printing. They are most installed in commercial washrooms/kitchens/schools, hospitals & public WCs.

Our hygienic wall cladding sheets are low maintenance and easy-to-clean. Therefore, our hygiene boards and panels are used in hospitals and commercial kitchens.

Our range of PVC hygienic wall cladding sheets and panels are not only easy to install and robust but can also feature eye-catching designs and branding. For a clean, expert finish in your bathroom and shower, don't forget to check out our bathroom wall panels.

At Principality Plastics, we supply STORMclad hygienic wall cladding, which is specifically designed and manufactured for use within hygienic environments including bathrooms, kitchens, and commercial environments.

STORMclad Hygienic PVC Cladding Sheets

What is STORMclad?

STORMclad is a flat, solid PVC sheet. Specifically designed and manufactured for use in hygiene environments. STORMclad also offers excellent resistance to chemicals and is suitable for use in food industry applications. These sheets can be easily formed, fabricated, and used for digital or traditional printing.

The cladding is manufactured from strong foamed PVC sheets with a Class 1 Fire Rating and complies with all international standards. It’s easily fabricated and maintenance free too, making it perfect for use in the construction and hygiene wall cladding industries. STORMclad is competitively priced, readily available from Principality Plastics and comes with a complete range of trims and adhesives.

After purchasing these STORMclad sheets, we recommend that you clean down the sheets occasionally with warm water and a mild household detergent. You should use a soft cloth, and should avoid using brushes, sponges or abrasive pads that scratch the surface of the sheets. Please be sure to never use solvent-based cleaner on these products.

How to Install PVC hygienic cladding

1. Prepare your wall: The wall substrate must be dry, clean, flat, and even. Remove anything that would interfere with our adhesives.

2. Concrete: Level out uneven surfaces with plaster or concrete compounds, using adhesive. PVC wall cladding installation over uneven surfaces will result in less than 100% adhesion to wall substrate, creating air pockets to form behind the panels. This shouldn’t be a huge issue for STORMclad sheets, provided the recommend spacing and sealing requirements have been adhered to.

3. High/Low Temperature areas: If your concrete or brick walls are below grade where moisture can penetrate and interfere with good adhesive bonds, use furring strips, and install with mechanical fasteners. Follow the guidelines for expansion/contraction allowances carefully. Make sure the adhesive you use is recommended for these conditions.

4. Painted Surfaces: All loose paint must be removed. Adhesives will bond to the paint, so make sure that the paint is well applied to the walls. If necessary, use fasteners and adhesive together for more strength.

5. Apply Adhesives: Make sure the adhesive extends to all the edges of the PVC sheet. The main problem we encounter is that there is either too much or too little adhesive applied. Follow the adhesive manufacturers recommendations.

6. Attaching the panels: Start from the bottom profile: J-Connector or Floor Wall Cover. Start at a corner, then draw a vertical line. The first panel will then be laid precisely along this vertical line.

If plenty of panels are placed on a high wall, use both vertical and horizontal lines assuring alignment. Install one-piece corner profile. Apply silicone sealant in profile, then slide the panels into panels and withdraw a few mm.

Align with the plumb line, and if installing with adhesive, begin in the top corner nearest profile and with a laminate roller begin rolling down and out towards the edge without the profile.

This will help work out any air pockets and help ensure a flat installation.

The benefits of Hygienic Wall Panels and Cladding

White wall cladding: White wall cladding is trusted and used across many commercial sectors. You’ll find our product visually appealing anywhere you install it, from hospitals and hotels to kitchens and kennels. The clean white look gives them the versatility to look good anywhere.

Easy to install and maintain: You can achieve cost-effective hygiene that’s seamlessly efficient and easy to install. Once installed, PVC hygienic sheets also requires very little maintenance other than a simple clean. So, you need not worry about endless hours of scrubbing and decontaminating.

• Technology: The wall cladding sheets we deliver, aren’t just hygienic but incredibly durable and hard-wearing too. They can withstand hot and cold temperatures, UV light, impacts, moisture, mould, and mildew.

• Further Benefits: If you have a business with sensitive areas often seen by members of the public such as customers or clients, i.e., busy office/reception areas, then our hygiene cladding should be considered. Consider them for your takeaway restaurants or open plan kitchens where customers can see what is happening and how food is prepared. Hygiene plastic cladding is ideal for these setups, and at Principality Plastics you can find the surface that matches your branding.

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Why choose Principality Plastics for hygiene cladding?

We are a specialist plastic building supplier, with long standing partnerships with outstanding brands such as Swish and Deeplas. With 30 years of experience and expertise in the plastic building supply industry, we have always kept our customers at the forefront of our mind.

Whether it’s our PVC hygienic wall cladding, or any other product we supply, we trust the quality of our partners. Our prices are competitive because we often source directly from the manufacturers themselves.

Benefit from FREE delivery on orders over £180 (inc. VAT) and regular special offers for more great savings. Orders are dispatched quickly, usually on the same day when placed before 11pm. And don’t forget to talk to one of our team members to receive our online prices in store.

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