Window Boards

Window boards : Or internal window sills as they are more commonly known – are typically fitted to the bottom of a window from the inside. They can add style to your home and make a space more practical. Whether you’re searching for plastic window boards, caps, joints, strips or other installation accessories, you’ll be sure to find the right solution in our extensive range.

How and Why to Use Window Boards?

External walls are deeper than a typical window – so when a new window is fitted, the inside of the wall can be left visible and exposed. An internal PVC window sill can add a practical shelf to fill the gap and create a stylish and long-lasting finish.

What are the Advantages of Installing Window Boards?

-Appearance: Every home needs a personal touch. Create the perfect place to display your favourite photo frames, potted plants, and treasured ornaments with a sleek and stylish internal sill board from Principality Plastics.
-Customisability: With a choice of sizes, dimensions, and finishes available in our range, we guarantee we’ll have the window board option to match your taste and project. Choose from rounded bullnose and square finishes to create your desired effect.
-Easy Installation: A lightweight, low maintenance, and long-lasting alternative to wood, UPVC window boards are super-simple to install – giving your windows a refreshed look in no time. Upgrade the look of your internal window fittings today.
-Durability: While traditional painted wooden window boards can easily become damaged, our UPVC internal window boards are durable and hardwearing. They’re scratch, stain, and moisture resistant – so you won’t have to worry about wear and tear. We’re so convinced of the quality of our products that we offer a 15-year guarantee.

Other Products You May Need

-UPVC Window Trims: Get the perfect finishing touches on every window, in every room. Complete your installation with precision, style, and character.
-UPVC Hardware: Whether decorative or functional, our range of UPVC hardware accessories will keep your windows and doors locked up securely and looking smart.

Why Choose Principality Plastics for Your Internal Window Boards?

Our stores across England and Wales have plastic window boards and PVC construction products in stock. We can despatch to your location on the same or next day. Buy from us and enjoy the superior service of a specialist company with a successful track record supplying PVC products – spanning more than three decades in the business.

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