Wall & Ceiling Panels

Principality Plastics Wall & Ceiling Panels
Here at Principality Plastics, we have an extensive range of wall and ceiling panels for you to choose from. All our wall panels are 100% waterproof, therefore perfect for all your bathroom needs, including all shower, bath, and wet areas. We also have a range of decorative wall panels, a fantastic alternative to tiling, as their quick and simple tongue and groove system is far easier to install.

If you’re looking to buy wall and ceiling panels, we have over 100 wall panels from several major manufacturers such as MD, Swish & Boniplas. With over 200 styles and colours to choose from we are confident will have something to your taste.
Have a good browse around our website and don't forget we also offer samples and brochures so you can have a look before committing to anything. We also have Shower Panels that are designed to fit a modern shower tray of 900mm & 1000mm in various colour options.

Wall Panels

Our decorative PVC wall and ceiling panels can be used on all walls and ceilings and are readily available in a wide range of colours and finishes to match the styles that are already in your bathrooms or kitchens. PVC panels are a great solution to all the four walls of a bathroom as they can also be used as cladding and shower panels.

Ceiling Panels

Our range of ceiling panels can be installed in any room of your home. However, our PVC ceiling tiles are ideally suited to the bathroom, shower rooms or kitchens. The reason to buy ceiling tiles, is because they are easy to fit and maintain due to their tongue and groove interlocking system. They are also very low maintenance compared to painted ceilings all at an amazing, competitive price.

The Benefits of PVC wall and ceiling panels

Wall Panels

Recently PVC for wall and ceilings have become a popular choice over wall tiles for businesses and homes alike. But why are wall panels a better option than wall tiles? Well, here are a few:

• Grout free: There's no risk of grout discoloration or mould forming, leaving you more time to enjoy your bathroom or kitchen.
• Installation over tiles: There's no need to remove your tiles, just slot them in place and your bathroom can be refreshed with far less effort!
• Ultra-Hygienic: These panels have active antimicrobial protection, killing microbes
They also eliminate many types of mould, fungi, and bacteria, including antibiotic resistant microbes. They offer a long-life service of the antimicrobial action with proven biocidal capabilities.
• Easy to install: View our collections from the comfort of your home, browse through the range that fits your needs best. Easily find the price of each panel (for walls, ceilings, and floors) and request samples. Our fitting guide and video is also available on our website.
• Long Lasting: The hard-wearing PVC won’t weaken or fade over time. They won’t be affected easily by any knocks or bumps either, so you can rest assured for may years to come.

Ceiling Panels

How do you go about covering your ceiling in the bathroom? Papering or painting are quite time consuming and tedious. This is where our PVC panels come in.

• Water Resistant: This is an absolute must on your bathroom ceiling, which is always exposed to moisture as steam rises from your shower or bath.
• Low maintenance: Paint flakes and peels, PVC ceiling panels for your bathroom will stay in place and always look good. That means you don’t always have to touch up or revamp your ceiling.
• Modern: Paint and wallpapers are becoming outdated, and they can’t really take the moisture from the bathroom. PVC panels are contemporary and don’t fade over time. You can find smooth high gloss, and ones with other great effects here at Principality.
• Versatile: PVC panels won’t cause an obstruction. Despite being robust and hard-wearing, PVC is impressively workable so things like modern light fittings can be installed without any issues.
• Cost effective: Due to their durability, the cost will spread over a longer lifespan. Rather than buying now and replacing in a couple of years, you’ll be investing in ceiling panels for a long time. Making it cost-effective in the long run.

Discover more of what Principality Plastics have on offer

Wall Panel Trims: Trims are perfect for use around bathrooms and kitchens. Our PVC angles come in sizes ranging from 15mm to 40mm ensuring maximum coverage. If you’re wanting something a little more high end, we have a high-quality selection of metal trims, including a full range of shower wall trims, coloured angles, end caps and internal corners all with an aluminium construction.

Hygiene Cladding: Our hygienic wall cladding is specifically designed and manufactured for use in hygienic environments. It also offers excellent resistance to chemicals and is suitable for use in food industry applications. The hygiene boards can be easily formed, fabricated, and used for digital traditional printing. They are most installed in commercial washrooms/kitchens/schools, hospitals & public WCs.

Laminate Flooring: Get the natural look of wood and stone flooring with the added day to day advantages of luxury vinyl flooring (LVT). Stunning wood and stone effects are painstakingly recreated across our ranges with beautiful depth of colour. Our impressive collection even includes a registered emboss texture which allows you to see and feel grains, grooves, and knots just like real wood.

Why choose Principality Plastics for wall & ceiling panels?

We are a specialist plastic building supplier, with long standing partnerships with outstanding brands such as MB, Swish & Boniplas. With 30 years of experience and expertise in the plastic building supply industry, we have always kept our customers at the forefront of our mind.

Whether it’s our wall & ceiling panels, or any other product we supply, we trust the quality of our partners and ceiling panel suppliers. Our prices are competitive because we often source directly from the manufacturers themselves.

Benefit from FREE delivery on orders over £180 (inc. VAT) and regular special offers for more great savings. Orders are dispatched quickly, usually on the same day when placed before 11pm. And don’t forget to talk to one of our team members to receive our online prices in store.

You can always find out a little bit more on our about us page.