Garden Balustrades

Ready to elevate your outdoor space? Our composite balustrades are the ideal way to upgrade your garden’s safety and appearance. Balustrades are columns topped with a rail, commonly used on staircases and balconies. Our composite balustrades are made from a mixture of metals and recycled plastics, creating a natural wood effect. This makes them aesthetically pleasing and a beautiful addition to any garden.


This material is also known for its durability and overall strength, making it an excellent choice for garden balustrades. They are much more cost-effective than those made from other materials after the initial installation cost.

Browse our range of stunning composite garden balustrades, all available for speedy UK delivery.

Where can you use composite balustrades?
Composite balustrades can be used in all sorts of settings including:

* Swimming pools
Caravan parks

What are the benefits of composite balustrades?

Our garden balustrades come in a variety of stylish colours, so you can choose the one that complements the rest of your garden.

 Low maintenance
The composite materials we use for our balustrades are resistant to pets, rotting, and other environmental damage. Unlike wooden balustrades, there’s no need for any repainting or staining.

The material of our balustrades is smooth, so you don’t have to worry about you, your family, or guests getting splinters while enjoying your garden.

Our balustrades are built to last, the material is strong and flexes in heavy wind and rain to minimise any potential weather damage.

Child- and pet-friendly
Balustrades are perfect for elevating the safety of your garden and help to eliminate any falls off high ledges and decks.

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Why choose Principality Plastics?

We have a range of versatile garden balustrades and other accessories available to level up your outdoor space. We can even ship the same or next day to your location in the UK or Ireland.

More than three decades of experience make us specialist plastic manufacturers. Get in touch and place your order for efficient service and a huge variety of garden fences, decking, and other products.

Garden balustrades – frequently asked questions

What are balustrades used for?
A balustrade is a row of columns with a rail at the top. They can serve multiple functions – often used for safety reasons to stop falls, or for privacy in a setting such as a garden.

Do I need a balustrade on my deck?
Balustrades are often required for safety reasons. In a single family home, balustrades must be used if there is a height difference of more than 600mm between the upper and lower level. In commercial properties, this threshold is 380mm.

What is the minimum height of a balustrade?
The minimum regulation height for balustrades depends on where they are located. For balustrades on external balconies and decks in private homes, the minimum height from finished floor level is 1100mm.