Wall Panel Trims

Principality Plastics Wall Panel Trims
Principality Plastics wall panel trims are designed to work in partnership with our range of panels, fixings and sealants giving you a proficient finish to any job. When you pick your new slick wall panel, you will need to purchase the must have accessory with it – a strong, waterproof wall panel trim.

To get that professional finish on your wall panelling, you must choose the right panelling trim to suit your walls. Our panel trims come in different shapes and sizes to achieve the look you need, and as they’re designed to fit our wall panels, they will work best to suit your chosen designs.

Our worktop trims are of the highest quality, from manufacturers such as Boniplas and MB, they also come in various colours and materials. Our PVC wet wall trims are perfect for use around bathrooms and kitchens.

Our PVC angles come in sizes ranging from 15mm to 40mm ensuring maximum coverage. For any problem areas we recommend our end caps or end profile trims, which can fit boards from 5mm to 10mm.

How to Install our Wall Panel Trims

Our trims make the whole installation process easier. When measuring your trims correctly you must allow some room for a small excess. This will account for any mitred edges you may need to cut. Start by measuring each edge or internal corner that you want to cover using a tape measure.

Tools you may need:

Tape measure: an essential tool when fitting your trims, used to measure any edges, and cut trims accurately.
 Utility Knife: This can easily score the trims so that they simply snap along the score lines.
 Measuring Square: Using a measuring square to cut your joints can sometimes be the simplest method. You can use the utility knife to achieve neat and straight cuts.
 Mitre Block: A mitre block can be used to cut the trims whilst they are kept steady in the mitre block. This could be the best method to cut the corner fittings, or a straight cut.

Important thing to consider when cutting trims:

1. Do you require mitred corners or edges to allow for trimming corners?

When mitre jointing a trim to meet any corner or edges of other trims, you may need to take in to account any excess you’re cutting off to make the joint. The most efficient method would be to hand cut with a utility blade and a measuring square.

2. Avoid joins in your trims

Fitting trims to corners or wall to ceiling joins look great if they’re in one piece. To avoid this, we recommend ordering a trim per area. This will allow you to cover the entire length without joining two trims together.

3. Mistakes

There’s always the possibility to make a mistake when cutting a trim to length. We recommend calculating potential wastage. Ensuring that your trims are too short when you come to fitting.

Once you’ve measured the trims and cut them accordingly, you can either silicone or screw them in place. Silicone adhesive is recommended for wet wall trims. After you’ve fitted the trims, wipe them with a damp cloth, removing any excess adhesive or dust.

The benefits of Wall Panel Trims
At Principality Plastics we see our trims as a must to finish your desired look. Without trims your project may look incomplete, so we suggest taking that extra step and installing our trims to finish the job you’ll be looking at for the next few years.

Our finishing trims will compliment not only your bathroom and kitchen wall panels but all your furniture too! For example, our beautifully finished PVC trims can help finish the intersection between your bathroom walls and ceilings. Our designs come in different colours and finishes, so you can always find what you need.

Our wall panel trims can also help seal the corners of your bathroom or kitchen panels to prevent water condensation from seeping in behind your panels. They also give your entire surface a smooth finish, making it easier to clean.

If you’re on the hunt for waterproof trims for your bathroom, then the trims we supply will stop any moisture leaks. This will avoid damaging the surfaces that lie beneath. By combining our waterproof wall panels and trims, you can protect your bathroom walls against things like mould. Avoid the unpleasant side-effects of a damp environment, and with our wet wall trims you can benefit from not having to worry about them as much.

If you’re wanting something a little high end, we have a high-quality selection of metal trims, including a full range of shower wall trims, coloured angles, end caps and internal corners all with an aluminium construction.

Discover more of what Principality Plastics have on offer

5mm Trims: Our 5mm cladding trims are perfect when used in conjunction with any 5mm panel. These go with most panels on the market and are the perfect solution for finishing off the installation of our 5mm PVC cladding trim. These trims are easy to install and 100% waterproof, meaning they are perfect for bathrooms or kitchens.

8mm Trims: Our 8mm panel trims are perfect for creating a professional finish to your project. These trims will protect the corners of your tiles and prevent damage occurring. Our 8mm cladding trims can be used both vertically and horizontally. These internal corner trims are easy to install and are 100% waterproof, meaning they are perfect for both bathrooms and kitchens.

10mm – Shower Wall Maxi Trims: Our 10mm shower edge trims are perfect for any bathroom or wet room. This high-quality shower panel trim is used to cover shower panel edges to leave a smooth finish. Your shower walls will be protected from mould and rot. Installation of our 10mm edge trims is easy and the finish is clean and professional.

Why choose Principality Plastics for Wall Panel Trims?

We are a specialist plastic building supplier, with long standing partnerships with outstanding brands such as Swish and Deeplas. With 30 years of experience and expertise in the plastic building supply industry, we have always kept our customers at the forefront of our mind.

Whether it’s our wall panel trims, or any other product we supply, we trust the quality of our partners. Our prices are competitive because we often source directly from the manufacturers themselves.

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