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Drainage Supplies: If your search for drainage supplies near me has brought you to this page then you are exactly where you need to be. Our soil pipes, underground drainage pipes along with every type of joining fitting you could possibly need, make sourcing your online drainage supplies quick and easy.

With three warehouses open to trade and the public, we have people in South Wales and Gloucester searching for drainage suppliers near me covered. And with the bulk of our products held in stock in our warehouses, if you can't visit in person, order online drainage supplies right here for delivery without delay anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

Your Drain Pipe Supplies in More Detail
This category features everything you need to buy drainage that takes foul water out of the home through to your underground drainage pipes and onwards into the sewer system. Drainage supplies in this section come in two sub-sections:

1. Soil Pipes and fittings
2. Underground drainage and inspection chambers

Soil Pipes and Fittings
So what is the difference between Soil Pipes and Waste Pipes?

Soil pipes take the soiled water (sometimes known as black water) from your toilet and take it to the sewer system outside the home using underground drainage pipes. Your soil pipe system may include what is known as a vent pipe that vents the smell out at roof level.

Waste Pipes on the other hand, take the (sometimes known as grey water) from your sinks, shower, bath etc. These pipes are likely to be 40mm in diameter which is the metric equivalent of imperial 1¼"

Soil Pipe Specifications
Made from durable and lightweight PVC-u the high gloss finish is designed to retain its original colouring and not become unsightly over time as a result of UV light exposure.

The UK standard for soil outlets and soil stacks is 110mm (4 inches for those that like to think in imperial measurements). Our soil pipes are compatible with most alternative standard UK soil stack installations as well as connecting to UK standard underground drainage pipes.

Whether you are installing a new system from scratch or making repairs, replacements or additions to part of an existing system, these soil pipes and fittings are exactly what you need. Tested to BS EN 1329 – 1: 2000 they meet or exceed all of the current British Standards.

Soil Pipe Colour Choices
If you are running your soil pipes outside of the home where they are going to be visible then it is important that you have a choice of colours that blend with your chosen décor. We offer white, black or grey pipe colouring with matching fittings, adaptors and pipes.

These blend perfectly with our range of guttering systems and other products that are mounted externally to give a coordinated and stylish appearance.

Soil Pipe Fittings and Couplers
Whatever tricky situation you are presented with when running soil pipes inside or outside the home, our system has you covered. From single socket soil pipes in 3m lengths through to the angled or straight D Socket and S Socket joint fittings that join and direct your pipes where you want them to go, this is a practical and versatile system.

D Sockets are ring- sealed which means that they push fit together with the use of a rubber ring seal to make a water-tight connection. This is a user-friendly system for DIY because it can be pulled apart and reassembled as many times as needed to get the job right.

S Sockets use a bonding agent known as solvent cement that when applied to both the outer surface of the plain end and the inner surface of the fitting makes a permanent watertight joint that cannot be undone.

Underground Drainage
In this subcategory find everything you need to provide the underground drainage systems that are suitable for draining off rainwater or transporting water entering via your soil and waste systems into the public sewer system.

Compatible with the soil pipe systems we sell, underground drainage is designed to be robust enough for burying in trenches without collapsing under the weight once in-filled and to offer the peace of mind that it will give many maintenance-free years of service without degrading.

Underground Drainage Specifications
Easily recognisable in the UK standard colour of terracotta orange, our system features high-quality, tough PVC-u construction and a smooth internal surface for easier and faster flow.

With a full range of plain end and single socket pipes plus compatible fittings and adapters, your size options include 110mm primarily used for domestic installations and the larger 160mm for commercial applications, apartment blocks and other high-use scenarios.

A choice of 3m or 6m pipe lengths and all of the fittings, underground inspection chambers, rodding points and hoppers, means that you have everything you need to complete the installation right here. You can even connect with an old clay system with the use of the purpose-built adaptor.

Purchasing Drainage Supplies from Principality
Wastewater and drainage systems need to be of the utmost reliability. Here at Principality we have been sourcing products from a range of manufacturers for more than 3 decades. In that time sub-standard manufacturers and products have been filtered out so that only the best remain in our catalogue.

Buy you drainage supplies with confidence from a plastic building and construction materials specialist. Our unwavering focus on excellent customer service means that you will always be treated fairly.

You can trail around DIY chain stores searching for the products you need or you can enjoy the Principality Plastic Warehouse online shopping experience. With three physical stores, the bulk of our products are held in stock for rapid delivery straight to your door. And if your order exceeds £180 you get your delivery free of charge.

Help and Advice
Dealing with the specialists means that expert product advice is always available. Visit our blog to find installation guides plus tips and tricks. If you still need to speak to an expert we're always happy to help.

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