Fascias Boards 9mm / 16mm

PVC Fascia Boards: Introducing our range of premium PVC fascia board systems including the cost-effective option of PVC capping boards. If you have been searching online for PVC fascia board for sale, you can do no better than take advantage of our stock of PVC fascia carefully honed over 3 decades in the industry to represent the best products available on the market today.


With 3 bricks and mortar stores in the UK and a substantial online catalogue, we can get your order delivered to your door without delay wherever you are in the UK. Our competitive PVC fascia board prices for trade and retail buyers mean that you get premium quality products at exceptionally low prices.

Dovetailing and colour matching perfectly with our range of PVC guttering and PVC soffit board, these fascia boards complete the coordinated look of your roofline while providing the long-lasting protection you need for your rafters.

Scroll down below the products to learn more about our fascia supplies and how and where to use them.

What are fascia boards?

We often encounter some confusion between fascia and soffit board. Soffit boards are fitted underneath overhanging rafters whereas fascia boards are attached horizontally to the end of the rafters. They close in the gap between the bottom of your rafters and the roof tiles that would otherwise allow undesirables like moisture, birds and insects into the roof space.

Fascia board produces a refined aesthetic to the roofline. It often features a groove that accommodates the edge of the outer soffit board, offering some support to it. Fascia board also provides a stable and even mounting surface for your guttering, so it needs to be substantial as well as mounted securely. When it rains heavily it can considerably increase the load that your gutters put on it. For this reason, it is normally a lot thicker than soffit.

At Principality Plastics, our 16mm PVC Fascia Boards are not only substantial but they are made from high-quality materials and best of all, require little or no maintenance.

Three benefits of PVC fascia boards

1. Low maintenance:

If you are considering PVC for a new build or for replacement fascia boards you have probably already discovered that timber fascia boards although great to look at, can be a maintenance nightmare. Wood in itself is not water-resistant and if left unprotected will eventually succumb to rot and weather damage.

To prevent this, a wooden fascia will require regular priming, sanding and repainting over time. A job that is expensive, time-consuming and no fun at the best of times – particularly if you are working off of a ladder.

Imagine the relief when you install a PVC fascia board that will require virtually nothing in the way of maintenance and look as good as new for years to come.

2. Lightweight and yet extremely robust

Much lighter than wood, PVC retains the sturdy qualities without the extra weight associated with them. Not only are they easier to lift to roof level and install, but they also create much less stress on the rafters and fixings once in place. Modern PVC when mounted correctly will resist weather extremes, warping, bending and cracking, as well as the detrimental effects of UV sunlight.

3. A pleasing and coordinated look

PVC moulding, colouring and patterning have come a long way from the early days. The plastic look has been left far behind. And with a choice of vibrant colours and wood replicating effects available, the styling ambitions you have for your exterior will no longer suffer by using PVC as your material of choice.

When mixed and matched with our soffit board and guttering systems, the coordinated and colour-matched look produces a refined and complete finish that complements period housing and new builds.

PVC fascia – your options

1. PVC Capping Boards

If your fascia boards are past their best but still reasonably sound or you simply want to cover them with a lower maintenance product, PVC capping boards are a simple and cost-effective alternative to a full replacement.

By using them, you not only add extra weather protection and stabilise your existing boards, but they can also afford you a whole new look with the minimum of effort.

Our standard range is constructed from high quality 9mm thick PVC and comes in a choice of colours and wood effect finishes including white, grey, black, rosewood and mahogany. Available widths extend from 150mm right up to 400mm and lengths of 5 metres. The capping system also includes all of the joining and finishing fittings you need to get the job done including:

- Face Fit Corners
- Face Fit Joints
- End Caps

2. Replacement PVC Fascia Boards

Our wide range of square PVC fascia boards means that whatever type of 16mm flat fascia boards you are looking for to replace your existing boards, we will have them in stock. These are high-quality extra-thick fascia boards which means you are guaranteed the best products for the job. If you're wanting to fully replace your existing fascia these PVC fascia boards are the perfect solution.

The system can bear the weight of the eaves, tiles and guttering without the support of a backing board or tilt fillet; it also features a push-fit connection system to your soffit boards. Ranging in width between 150mm and 250mm they come in white, anthracite grey, ash black or rosewood, mahogany and oak timber effects.

Guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years, all of the colour-matched jointing and capping fittings are also available.

Why purchase from Principality Plastics?

Buying PVC Fascia from us means that you are dealing with leading PVC building and construction supplies specialists with around three decades of experience and successful trading. We offer same day despatch for products held in stock - meaning that wherever you are, you avoid the usual delays. If your total order value is over £180, it will also be delivered direct to your door free of charge.

If you need product advice and information, our advisers are standing by and can be contacted on 029 2078 7565. For bulk buyers needing a personalised quote, please set the quantity you need for each product and then click on add to quote rather than add to basket. Alternatively, submit your requirements using our Online Quotation Request Form