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PVC Soffit Boards

If you have been searching for Soffit Board near me you have arrived at the right place. Principality Plastics is a leading UK supplier of PVC Soffit Board plus a complete range of PVC and plastic products for general use in the construction industry. With 2 stores here in Wales and another in Gloucester, we supply plastic construction products to trade and retail buyers throughout the UK.


In addition to bricks and mortar stores, our online catalogue showcases our stock of high quality and yet affordable low-maintenance plastic products that cover every possible use for PVC products in the construction industry. From the roof to the floor, interior or exterior, we provide the quality products and the trustworthy and reliable service you would expect from a company with around three decades of experience in the industry

In this category, we are focusing on our range of UPVC soffit boards and related fixing and finishing products that make protecting your rafters from the elements that much easier. These are high-quality components designed as a complete system to give your roofline an appealing, clean-edged finish.

What is Soffit Board?

When your roof extends beyond the top of your walls, you need something aesthetically pleasing and functional to protect your rafters from moisture and adverse weather. Leaving the rafters exposed can lead to gradual deterioration through mould and in extreme cases wood rot. Soffit board is fixed to the underside of the exposed rafters to provide that essential protection from the elements. This serves the dual purpose of weatherproofing and adding visual styling to a property. As well as under the roof rafters, soffit boards are often used on the underside of porch roofs.

UPVC Soffit Boards

Wooden soffit boards were a popular choice in days gone by. But of course, wood requires regular maintenance and weatherproofing. For exterior wood, this can be as often as as every 3 years. Not only can this prove to be expensive, but if you have ever been under your rafters repainting wooden soffit boards, you don't need us to tell you that it is not a lot of fun.

PVC soffit boards are a low-maintenance set and forget option. No need for repainting or indeed when installed properly, any form of regular maintenance. If you would like to replicate the wood effect, we have colour and style options in PVC that will do it really well. And if they do need an occasional wipe over, accumulated grime and sticky resin can be cleaned off much easier than on a painted surface.

Your Plastic Soffit Options
Our PVC soffit board comes in a few different sizes to give you the convenience and choices that suit the style and function of your proposed installation. Before we go through them in more detail, why not check out our Monthly Special Selection to see if we have soffit board that suits your needs at a knock-down price this month?

UPVC Soffit Board Colour Range

Our stock features a variety of colours that allow you complete freedom to style the exterior of your property exactly as you would like to. Our plastic soffit board colours are also an exact match for the range of Fascia Boards available in our fascia board category. Your colour choices are White, Mahogany, Light Oak, Rosewood, Black and Anthracite Grey.

Available Soffit Board Sizes
9mm soffit board has become something of an industry standard when it comes to the thickness of plastic soffit boards. Once firmly attached, at this thickness the installation locks in place to give rigid performance that does not warp or bend.
Where you do get some variation that allows you to adapt to the dimensions of your installation as well as the styling, is in the width of the boards. With our standard soffit boards, you get width options that start at 100mm and go in 25mm increments up to 300mm.

PVC Soffit Board Fixing Accessories

Our range of soffit boards are available with some useful accessories that assist with the fit and function of your installation. They are an exact colour match for your chosen soffit boards and designed to integrate perfectly with the system.

1. Soffit starter channel

This is a U-shaped channel that securely supports the soffit boards in place at the outside edge of the overhang. As well as providing essential support, it finishes the outer edge of the installation to give a clean look.

2. Circular soffit vent

Allowing air to ventilate around your roof space whilst at the same time preventing bugs and insects from accessing it. Measuring 68mm in diameter, we supply exact colour matches for your chosen soffit boards.

What to expect from The Principality Plastics Warehouse

Purchasing online is becoming increasingly popular but you still need the reassurance that you are dealing with a legitimate company with the experience and backup to offer you the levels of customer service you deserve.

Purchase from us and you get:

- 30 years of experience in the industry
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