Pins, Nails & Silicone

Pins, Nails and Silicone: When you are rejuvenating the look and performance of your roofline, choosing fascia and soffit board systems for form and function is just part of the job. You also need products like fascia nails and fascia screws you can trust for securely fixing things in place. That's why we've got a whole section of fascia board nails and screws and many other hardware options in stock and available for rapid delivery.

And of course, we can supply the colour coordinated silicone options and the wood screws and self-tapping Consert screws you need to get your project done right the first time. Find everything you need for mounting and fixing your eaves and rafter protection project right here online or at one of our three stores if you live in South Wales or Gloucester.

Fascia fixing nails and fascia board pins
We offer a full range of nails and pins that are designed specifically for use with fascia boards, so you can feel confident that your project will be successful.

Fascia Nails
Our fascia nails are available in a variety of lengths and styles and come in both galvanised and stainless steel varieties. The Fascia Fixing Nails range includes Stainless Steel Fascia Nails, Poly Pin and Poly Nails. Say goodbye to rusty nails forever!

Poly Pins and Poly Nails
The poly pin and poly nail range are fascia fixing nails with PVC-coated extended heads for covering and sealing the entry holes to provide longer lasting protection against moisture ingress. Poly nails and poly pins available in a range of colours to blend with your fascia and soffit board colour choices.

Fascia board screws
Consert Masonry Screws
Consert masonry fixing screws are self-tapping & plug less. The self-tapping thread with a spaced thread form provides ultimate grip and allows for multiple re-fixing, without stripping the previous tapped hole. We also stock the Consert Screw SDS Drill Bit for pilot holes and the 210mmT30 star drive bit gives optimum drive efficiency, improving grip and extending bit life.

-Self-Tapping - no plug required
-High Fixing Strength.
-Efficient - 30% Less drive-in torque required.
-Universal for Fixing into Masonry and Concrete.
-Only 6.5mm Pilot Hole Required

Wood Screws
A range of zinc plated wood screws available in different lengths and diameters to meet your requirements. Used for fixing to softwood, hardwood, plastics and can also be used for fixing into masonry when used with wall plugs.

-Partially threaded.
-PZ1 Drive.
 -Deep cross drive recess.
-Double countersunk for deeper recess and added strength.
-Hardened for strength.
-Zinc plated to 5 microns.
-Sharp point for fast start.

Silicones and Sealants
For added protection you can also use our silicone sealant that has been designed to provide a flexible and durable seal between the fascia board and the timber mounting structure. Silicone is available in a range of colours to blend with your fascia and soffit board colour choices.

Silicone Applications
Building and construction joints, top-sealing glazing jobs, joints with high movement between different building materials (i.e. treated wood joints). Sealing between treated wood, metal, PVC profiles and glass
Principality Plastics—Guaranteed Quality
Principality Plastics is a specialist company with the right products for the job and all of the backup and support you need. Even when you're going with one of our more standard products, like our screws or nails, the quality is assured. We've got something for every use-case: whether you're working on a big replacement project or just making some repairs, our high quality fixing supplies make sure the job is done right and stays in place for years to come.

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