Soil Pipes, Fittings and Joiners: Find everything you need to make repairs, additions and new installations of soil pipe systems that take waste sewage water from your toilets and transport it outside of the home. Build external soil stacks that vent smells to the roofline, connect with your underground drainage and install the internal soil pipes that connect with your toilets. Coming in white, grey or black these top-quality BS EN 1329 – 1: 2000 standards-compliant PVC-u pipes and fittings can be matched with our guttering and rainwater drainage systems.

What is a soil stack?
A soil stack is a vent and drainage pipe that normally runs from your roofline to your underground drainage. In between, there are inlet fittings that allow soil pipes to be connected between the soil stack and your toilets inside the house. The top of the stack vents unpleasant smells above the roofline while the bottom connects into your underground drainage to allow sewage water to flow into the public sewers.

While a soil stack can be mounted inside a building, it would normally be mounted on the exterior. Our soil pipe and fittings are made from durable and yet lightweight PVC-u in a choice of 3 high gloss colours. The PVC-u material is designed to resist fading and retain its original appearance for many years. Once properly installed there is little to do in terms of further maintenance.

Soil Pipes
Coming in 3m lengths, our soil pipes are the UK standard 110mm (4 inches) in diameter and feature a single D socket at one end and plain at the other. D sockets are the ring-sealed push-fit joints that do not require solvent cement to make a perfectly water-tight joint. D Sockets are user-friendly because they can be pulled apart and redone if something is wrong. The joints that require bonding cement are known as S-Socket.

Fittings and Joiners
When running soil pipes inside or outside the home, bending your pipe run around angles and obstacles or connecting pipes together requires patience and a diverse range of fittings. We recommend that you draw a plan and try to establish what you are going to need before ordering.

We stock everything you need for even the trickiest of pipe runs. From bends at 90 and 45 degrees with D-Socket ends, S-Socket ends and a combination of the 2, through to the joints, couplers and branched joiners, find everything you need to complete the job right here. We also supply the pipe clips, straps and adaptors you need for securely mounting your system.

Get Some Advice and Guidance
We understand that purchasing what you need in the quantities you need is not the straightforward job you would like it to be. That's why we make sure there is plenty of expert help available to our customers.

With more than three decades in the business, there is not much that we don't know about soil pipes and fittings. If you have a plan for your soil system why not email it to us so that we can advise on the right materials?

Customers in Swansea, Cardiff and Gloucester are welcome to pop into one of our stores and failing that, our knowledgeable staff are just a phone call away. We offer honest top-level customer service, rapid deliveries anywhere in the UK and Ireland and Free Delivery on orders over £180.