SOLID 5mm POLYCARBONATE CLEAR 1520 x 2050 x 5mm

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5mm solid polycarbonate sheet has UV protection on both sides. It is available in either clear offering excellent light diffusion without transparency. It has an excellent impact resistance an excellent fire performance, ease of installation and is an excellent candidate for a wide variety for interior and exterior applications.


5mm solid polycarbonate has sufficient resistance to most chemical substances encountered in normal exterior use. In applications where the product will come into contact with aggressive chemical, specific (application related) testing of the material is always advised. It is essential to check the compatibility before use.


5mm solid polycarbonate is Class 1Y fire rated and has passed the BS475 Pt7 test.


This product is not considered dangerous under EC Directives 67/548/EEC, as amended. This MSDS has been prepared in accordance with EU Directive 91/155/EEC, as amended by 93/112/EC.


5mm solid polycarbonate should be treated with care:

1. Use generous amounts of lukewarm water to rinse sheet and soften dried dirt.

2. Make up a solutions of lukewarm water & ordinary household cleaner or a mild soap and use this to wash sheet; a sponge or soft cloth should be used to gently remove dirt and grime.

3. Rinse with clean lukewarm water and repeat washing if necessary.

4. After final rinse dry off with a soft cloth.

5mm solid polycarbonate sheets are particularly vulnerable to scratching.

· Do not scrub with brushes, abrasive materials, or sharp instruments as these will mark the surface.

· Never use solvents, alkaline cleaners, thinner or abrasive cleaners.

· Never steam clean, use low pressure, if pressure washing.

· Never use acetone, petrol, benzene or solvents containing Butyl Cellosolve or Isopropanol.

· Incorrect cleaning which in any way damages the sheet automatically renders void all warranties.


General Applications

- Architecture: Transparent and acoustic sound walls, sports centers, skylights, shopping malls, covered pavements
- Construction: Solariums, greenhouses, gazebos, closed courtyards 
- Safety and Public Safety Glasses: Safety glasses, machine shelters, public transport stops and telephone Sheds      
- Shields to Safety and Security Forces: Wind protection glasses for glass and cars to public transport, and helmet visors for eye protection.

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