Here is our 7-step guide on how to clean bathroom cladding


1| Grab a non-abrasive cloth or sponge, soapy water (washing-up liquid works a treat) & a bucket of warm soapy water, we strongly advise you DO NOT use any chemical cleaners or bleach while cleaning your panels. This will likely damage and discolour them. Many cleaners have fine abrasives or corrosive chemicals in them which would be fine for use cleaning your toilet and basin but would damage the finish on your cladding panels.


2| Start to apply a good lather of the warm soapy water all over your panels using your cloth.


3| Allow the soapy water to soak into any specific marks or stains on the panels (for 2-5 minutes) 


4| In the meantime replenish your warm soapy water bucket with fresh warm water & thoroughly rinse your cloth.


5| As soon as the soap has had time to soak into the panels grab your cloth and give a good scrub making sure you are going in circular motions - rinsing the panels down.


6| Finally wipe your panels with a dry microfibre cloth making sure that you are leaving no smears.


7| On completion make sure that the cleaning cloth is put into the washing machine on a 60C wash.


TIP - Whilst cleaning your bathroom take extra vigilance in specifically cleaning your toilet, taps & door handles with a strong disinfectant  

How often should I do this? 
Keeping your bathroom and high traffic areas in your home clean is crucial to help prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.  

But how often should you be cleaning your bathroom? Every three days would be sufficient - however if you live in a city or work in the health care profession a daily cleanse would be advised throughout the high traffic areas of your home, at the end of the day once everyone has showered. 

Final Points

To avoid an accumulation of dirt and grime in the bathroom area one method is to ensure that surfaces are easy to wipe down and have very few hiding places for germs to attach themselves to - bathroom wall panels are very easy to clean, if you have tiles then please follow our guidance but we recommend you clean the grout lines thoroughly. 


Important: Do not use any dusting or chemical sprays as this can leave marks and streaks on the cladding. Again prolonged use of cleaning chemicals will discolour the finish of your pvc panels. Cleaning your bathroom panels is quick and easy if you have access to a shower hose, rinse them down afterwards.

Our cladding is specially designed and manufactured to be low maintenance. So you won’t have to worry about buying any special surface cleaners. Saving you even more money compared to cleaning tiles.