At Principality Plastics Warehouse, we love hearing about our customer's latest home improvements, so you can imagine we were over the moon when we had the opportunity to sit down with Chris and Sian (Dog Sitters Extraordinaires!) about their latest handy work.

Join us as we chat through the process that took their home's curb appeal to the next level with the help of exterior cladding.

1. Hi Chris and Sian, tell us how did you decide on cladding for this project?

We looked at various products that Principality Plastics Warehouse provided and we were impressed with both the range of colours and the ease in which this cladding could be installed.

2. That’s great! How did you find the installation process?

We found the installation to be simple enough. We made it harder for ourselves by installing insulation at the same time it wasn’t rocket science, and the end results have future-proofed the house which is great. Scaffolding was essential, but we were able to install it all ourselves and didn’t need any specialist tools. Any DIYer shouldn’t have an issue with installation.

3. Did you have any challenges while installing?

We found that preparation was key! We managed to fix many of the underlying problems with the house at the same time, for example the gaping holes that the old cladding was hiding. We took the opportunity to fix the gable ends and cut down on expensive drafts too. Storing the materials before installation was a minor issue as the boards are 5m long, but as they are weatherproof this wasn’t a major issue.

4. We’d love to know what features do you love about your new cladding?

The choice of colours was great, and we love that the cladding is textured so it doesn’t have that plastic look that you can get with other, cheap products.

5. We love that too - would you recommend the cladding to your friends and family?

We already have! We are on a major dog walking route so we evangelise to anyone passing how good it is. If you want to reduce heating costs and also make the house maintenance free then this is the cladding for you.

6. How would you rate your experience with Principality Plastics Warehouse from start to finish?

They have been brilliant! Max drew up a complete list of requirements based just on our measurements which proved to be spot on. (Well done Max!) The delivery driver was very helpful, and product help was always available whenever we needed it. Overall I had all the support I needed and couldn’t recommend Principality Plastics Warehouse enough, we’ll definitely be using them for our next project!

If Principality Plastics Warehouse have helped you with a home upgrade or renovation, get in touch, we’d love to hear all about it! Email us at sales@principality-ph.co.uk