SOLID 5mm POLYCARBONATE CLEAR 2050 x 3050 x 5mm

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PC Solid Sheets are preferred materials in the construction and building industry applications, as they combine very high impact resistance and transparency. 
It has almost unbreakable properties under normal conditions. Also; they are lighter than the half weight of glass and are transparent like glass. Solid PC Sheets can be bent cold and are also very useful as a belt, sound barrier, and transparent protective shield.       
Our PC Embos Boards; They have a structure that prevents the shine of the natural light that infiltrates and ensures its regular distribution to a wide area. 
Moreover, since our Embos Boards can be used in a wide range of temperatures, they are also suitable for Lighting fixtures that get very hot after long use. 

Key Benefits
- Very high impact resistance
- High transparency and light transmittance
- Resistant to different climates and protects from harmful UV radiation
- Wide temperature range
- Good sound insulation
- Light weight
- Easy to process and install
- Versatile usable, can be   shaped and machine machinable
- Covers up
    to 10 years of non-yellowing, light transmittance and mechanical properties 

General Applications
- Architecture: Transparent and acoustic sound walls, sports centers, skylights, shopping malls, covered pavements
- Construction: Solariums, greenhouses, gazebos, closed courtyards 
- Safety and Public Safety Glasses: Safety glasses, machine shelters, public transport stops and telephone Sheds      
- Shields to Safety and Security Forces: Wind protection glasses for glass and cars to public transport, and helmet visors for eye protection.

MaterialPerspex Acrylic Sheet
Pack QtyEach
Size2050mm X 3050mm X 5mm
Fire Performancenon - flammable (B1)
Lead Time3-5 Working Days
ProfilePolycarbonate Solid Sheet
Warranty10 Years

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