Are you tired of looking at dirty grouting, chipped tiles and hard-to-get-rid-of mould in your bathroom? Perhaps it’s time to switch to bathroom wall panels and shower wall panels. Create the wet room or bathroom of your dreams with our massive range of bathroom wall panels and trims. We have a huge range of styles and colours to transform your bathroom into a cleaner and brighter space you’ll be proud of.


What benefits do bathroom wall panels offer?

  • Very easy and quick to install
  • No grouting – so they keep their look for longer
  • Water resistant – no more mould and fungus
  • Low maintenance – wipe-clean, seamless watertight finish
  • Reduce condensation in your bathroom
  • 8mm-thick panels help to insulate the room
  • Wide range of colours and styles to choose from
  • Available in laminate and acrylic
  • No more leaks
  • Fit over existing tiles


Types of wall panels

We stock a massive range of colours, styles and finishes to suit all tastes and all budgets. All our bathroom panels are suitable for walls and ceilings. They are made from laminate (high pressure laminate is bonded to a plywood core using a PVA adhesive) and acrylic (highly engineered polymer). Some even have an antibacterial coating. The panels can be installed against walls or over existing tiles.

Choosing your colour

Colour is a powerful mood changer, so choosing the right colour for your bathroom panels is very important.

White bathroom wall panels

A perennial favourite, white is sophisticated and calming. Containing all the colours of the spectrum it doesn’t stimulate the senses so it creates neutrality and equilibrium. Perfect for a bathroom or wet room sanctuary, white brings everything to light and is the colour we most associate with cleanliness.

Orange bathroom wall panels

Orange is uplifting and inspires optimism and adventure. It’s a great boost at the beginning of the day and the perfect colour to help us keep motivated and strengthening our resolve. Orange supports us in times of emotional stress and is warm and inviting, stimulating physical and verbal communication.

Orange Panels

Black bathroom wall panels

Black is most often associated with elegance and sophistication. It’s a sexy colour for a bathroom and exudes confidence. Black bathroom wall panels can make the space feel protective and contained and even comforting.

Red bathroom wall panels

Red is the colour of passion, excitement and energy. It’s the perfect pick-me-up colour and gives vibrancy to any bathroom. Red awakens our lust for life and in China it is the colour for good luck.

Cream bathroom wall panels

Softer and warmer than white, cream, like ivory, is a sophisticated background colour that looks great with colour accents. It creates a soft, quiet calming energy in a bathroom and feels rich and protective.

Lime-green bathroom wall panels

Green is all about balance and harmony – and is a great leveller of our emotions. We see green everywhere in nature and for good reason. It’s probably the most calming and relaxing colour on earth and renews depleted energy.

Green Panel

Marble-effect bathroom wall panels

Marble is a timeless classic and adds sophistication to a bathroom or wet room. Choose from our range of grey marble effect, beige, blue, rose/pink and green.

Wood-effect bathroom wall panels

Many people prefer the warmth of wood-effect bathroom wall panels. An ideal choice if you prefer a clean yet cosy Scandinavian look and feel for your bathroom.


Have you installed bathroom and shower wall panels in your own house? What colours did you choose? Share your experience below.