If you’re brave enough (in the current changeable climate) you may be planning a low key garden gathering in the coming weeks.

Like most people you may not have even looked at your garden since last year, so may be daunted by a big DIY project to spruce up your outdoor space.



Here at Principality Plastics we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up a few fun ideas for updating the garden, so that it’s fit for entertaining guests but also an inviting outdoor space for you to relax and unwind.

The best bit you can recreate with our range of composite decking knowing the you’re getting the best of both worlds of wood and PVC

The blank canvas

We like this one because it’s using a very pale shade of decking it doesn’t detract from the furniture and accessories. The twinson apricot brown decking would be a good choice for you if you want to decorate a seating area with bold furniture, rugs and plants like this. That way you get all the benefits of our composite decking such as having a durable and rot proof base but a more subtle decking look.



The hippy retreat

We love this integrated raised bench using decking! This would mean no scurrying to take furniture indoors at the first drop of rain. Our weatherproof composite decking would be perfect for this so you can just relax and worry about your clothes or (more importantly) food get caught in a shower.

 Our hazelnut brown Twinson decking would be perfect for this look.


Bohemian Vibe

This example demonstrates how a small decking area can be the groundwork for a chill out area with a bohemian vibe. We think in keeping with a boho style the decking underneath should be a deeper shade such as our Twinson in shade bark brown would be perfect.

This is far from a minimal look so you can go to down with different prints and colours with your furniture and accessories.




OK so this next one might not be so easily recreated but it does look very cool. It has the natural shelter of the trees so you could be like Frodo Baggins and read a book up against a tree.

 What’s amazing about our composite decking ranges is that they are insect repellent too, so you won’t get ants in your pants. At least not in the literal sense.

A bothersome heavily rooted area suddenly becomes practical and whimsical. What’s not to love?  


Light the way

So far we’ve shown you quite elaborate designs but here is something a bit more minimal and more likely to be able to be recreated in the average UK garden. We like the idea of having a decking area neighbouring up to an existing patio area. Especially to compliment a seating or chill out area as it will be warmer underfoot than concrete.

Decking is still functional and durable enough to be the base for an eating area too so will be practical for a family setting with people roaming around. The layout has clean lines and is minimal but the integrated lighting adds a bit of warmth cosiness while maintaining a modern look.  


 Our decking range

The features of our Twinson and Duofuse ranges are perfectly suited the withstand the temperamental summer weather. On a practical level, using these composite decking products you can be reassured that your decking will not rot, splinter or warp. It is also the most cost effective way of creating a decking area that is robust and low maintenance so it will looks it’s best for a lot longer than softwood decking.

Happy DIY folks. Tweet us your befores and afters of any garden renovations… we’d love to have a peek!