Guttering is a smart solution against rain and damp

As we move into autumn, one DIY job that should be top of your list is maintaining or replacing the guttering on your home. Designed to keep rainwater away from the foundations of your house, tough, flexible guttering is essential for protecting your property against water damage. At Principality Plastics, we supply a wide range of guttering systems in various colours and fittings.

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Gutter maintenance

The end of the summer is the perfect time to begin gutter maintenance, in readiness for the rainy season ahead. Your first step is to always use sturdy stepladders or longer ladders with extension locks. They should be non-slip and have a safety standard kite mark. Using a hard brush, clear out all the debris that has collected and then flush through with water from your hosepipe for a few minutes. That way you’ll be able to identify leaks and easily repair cracks that may have appeared over the summer. Small cracks can easily be repaired from the inside with gutter repair tape or a rubber seal spray.


Fitting new guttering

Sometimes gutter cracks cannot be repaired, in which case we advise fitting new guttering to protect your home’s foundations against rain and damp. A cost-effective solution for refurbishments and new-build projects (domestic, commercial and industrial) our tough, durable guttering systems are lightweight, making installation easy. We supply a wide range of guttering systems (square and round) in various colours and in round and square guttering types.

Square gutters have a slightly higher flow rate than half-round, and can be fitted to a square or round downpipe. To ensure proper down flow of rainwater, guttering must always be pitched towards the down spot. Remember to check your guttering after heavy rainfall. If there is water inside you’ll need to change your pitch.


Permanent gutter protection

A build-up of leaves, twigs, sweet wrappers, plastic bags and mould in your guttering can quickly cause splits, sagging and breakages, leading to costly leaks and overflows. You don’t want water inside your house this autumn and winter. So keep your property safe and dry with our popular twisted gutter guard.

Available for a limited time for only at £13.26 for 4-metres. You can cut it to length using heavy-duty scissors and it snugly fits both half-round and half-square guttering. 

The gutter guard’s unique design helps maintain optimal water flow through its stainless steel gutter brushes that are coated with durable polypropylene filaments. 

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