Essential gutter care throughout winter

Maintaining your guttering is essential during autumn and winter. It’s often a job you forget about too… until you notice a leak inside your home or spot nasty damp patches. It’s vital you ensure all guttering on the outside of your house is kept in top shape for winter. Keeping your home dry and damp-free now will avoid unnecessary and costly repairs in the future.

Whether that means fixing guttering that's broken because of clogging, or worse still a damp wall - prevention is always the best cure. 

Why good guttering is essential

The main function of any guttering is to collect water from the roof of your property and divert it away from the building’s foundations. In doing so it protects exterior surfaces and the inside of your home, stopping water from seeping in and causing damage to plaster and brickwork – and of course the very foundations of your home. 

Types of guttering

Guttering comes in a variety of materials and shapes, made from stainless steel, PVC, aluminium and other alloys. The most common is PCV, because it is durable, affordable and easy to replace.  We sell a variety of plastic/PVC options - square guttering and half-round guttering in addition to high capacity and deep flow guttering. We can also supply industrial guttering for commercial usage. 

The right one for you depends on your property.  For example industrial can look out of place on a tiny bungalow, whereas the standard guttering may not deal quite as well with a large building.  

Clean out your guttering every week

In autumn and winter all kind of hazardous/unwanted debris finds its way into your gutters.  If your house is located near trees you’ll know just how quickly leaves, twigs and moss can collect in the guttering. Not to mention sweet wrappers, newspapers and other debris.

Once the water flow is blocked, this can lead to serious sagging, leaks, overflows and even breakage. 

So set aside an hour each month – or weekly if the weather is bad – to clear your guttering of all debris. You can use a soft brush to collect it, then flush the remainder down the downpipe using your garden hose.  

If your guttering is particularly soiled and impossible to clean with a standard brush and water, then try our effective PVC cleaner. Stelmax Ultraclean is used by industry professionals to remove dirt, grease and oil from PVC-coated or PVC materials. Use sparingly and make sure you thoroughly flush out the residue. Always use rubber gloves to protect your hands and wear goggles to avoid splashes to your eyes.

Protect your gutter with our Twister Leaf Gutter Guards

The most effective way of maintaining your guttering – and saving money – is to protect it with our popular Twister Leaf Gutter Guards.

Easy to fit and available in convenient 4-metre strips, our effective brush gutter guards are the professionals’ choice for keeping your guttering debris-free and so protecting your home all year round – not just in the winter months. 

Constructed from stainless steel the brushes are coated with tough, durable polypropylene filaments that fit snugly into your existing guttering to capture leaves, paper, moss, rodents, birds and twigs. This unique design helps to maintain optimum water flow through the guttering and prevents nasty leaks and sagging.

Simple to install, our gutter leaf guards require no maintenance and are easy to fit – even around corners. Before fitting, clear out all debris from your gutters with a brush and hosepipe – making sure you are standing on a secure ladder for support. Using heavy-duty scissors you can cut the leaf guard to the exact size you need, which will fit most square and half-round guttering systems. Remember to measure your guttering first to ensure a proper, snug fit.

Each 4-metre strip is completely corrosion resistant – perfect for the wettest conditions – and easy to remove for cleaning. Our Twister gutter leaf guard is your easy-to-install immediate solution to debris-filled gutters, ensuring your home remains dry and protected all year. 


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