Love it or hate it, it’s been impossible to avoid the Euros this month.

Allow us to give you an excuse to take your eyes off the ball for a while and take a look at our five favourite European styles for the home.


The French have absolutely nailed it. So many of us opt to recreate their effortless, elegant styles. The key ingredients are a healthy mix of art, antiques and upcycled vintage with ample use of wood to compliment coloured fabric.

Get the look:

- Upcycled furniture can be picked up all over the place these day - Reviive have some great pieces.

- If you prefer a DIY project, Annie Sloan chalk paint is perfect for creating an effortless distressed look.

- Art and antiques don’t need to cost a fortune - hit up your local charity shops and boot sales.



Renowned for their high quality furniture and design, Italian-style home decor embodies luxury.Wood, fabric and leather are often combined to make spaces homely and stylish. Italians also love to bring as much as the exterior into the interior of the home as they can. 

Get the look:

- Adding architraves, cornices and skirting to a room can instantly create a luxurious atmosphere - our rope cornice moulding does just the trick.

- If you don’t have the luxury of floor to ceiling windows, choose lightweight, floor length curtains to create a similar effect.



It’s no secret that the Swiss are inspired by their incredible surroundings when decorating their homes. Wood tends to dominate the entire look and is complimented by natural materials. So cosy. 

Get the look:

- Comfy rugs and textiles are a must to create this look - Ikea have a great range.

- For extra coziness, a faux fur throw  looks great on a sofa or bed. 



Also big fans of natural materials and warm woods, Belgians have a knack of keeping their homes traditional and modern at the same time. Known as ‘Belgium Modern’, the style is becoming increasingly popular - think minimal but rich. Less is more.

Get the look:

- A beautiful oak floor doesn’t need to cost a fortune - you can achieve the look with our dark oak Viligno flooring.

Habitat have a great mix of rustic, contemporary and traditional decorative objects that will really bring your room to life.



Modern, simple and clean. Swedish interiors are designed to improve the daily life whilst still being aesthetically pleasing. Clean lines, open spaces and plenty of natural light with blond wood such as birch, white pine or beech feature heavily.

Get the look:

- Opt for wooden floors over carpet as it will help reflect light, brightening up the room. Our Viligno flooring comes in a range of colours.

- Swedish interiors are extremely minimalist, so clutter should be left to a minimum. Muji have amazing storage solutions to keep your space spick and span.