There’s nothing quite like a festively decorated front door at Christmas. Gorgeous holly and ivy wreaths always look spectacular with their mix of red, gold and green. In pagan times holly, ivy and mistletoe were used to ward off evil spirits and celebrate Winter Solstice. The onset of Christianity borrowed these fertile symbols and holly was used to represent a crown of thorns, while Ivy was a reminder to cling to God in times of trouble.

Whatever your spiritual beliefs, using greenery on your front door, whether it’s a wreath or trailing, always looks festive, adding colour and magic. It’s also a beautiful welcome for visitors.

If you’re looking for something a bit different to the traditional holly and ivy wreath this Christmas, here are 8 quick and fun ways to give your front door a magical makeover this holiday.

1. Light up! 

Door with heart shaped Christmas lights

A string of LED lights carefully placed over doorways and around doorframes looks enchanting and sophisticated. You can decorate columns, railings, posts and upstairs windows too, for a shimmering festive ambiance. If you have a garden, then tree trunks, decking, trellises and front walls will look beautiful at night when they are illuminated. Many DIY stores sell illuminated hearts you can hang on your front door. More welcoming than a wreath they will last longer too, and can be used inside your home long after the mince pies have gone.

2. Hanging pinecones 

Door with Christmas pinecones

If you live in the country then pinecones will be easy to find on your regular walks. For city dwellers, a trip to a DIY store is all you need to do to create a beautiful hanging pinecone display. You can spray the cones in gold or silver paint. Then once dry simply tie them together with some festive ribbon (green or red or gold looks wonderful) and hang them on the door with some twine.

3. Santa hat

For a more fun decoration take a Santa hat or stocking, fill it with small wrapped presents or some flowers and create a door hanging. For a truly festive look fill it with gold and silver pinecones, holly and ivy. As a special treat for the children you could stuff it full of sweets and chocolates – although it will probably need regular refilling!

4. Square twig frame

Change shapes from circles to squares and create a beautiful twig-inspired Christmas theme.

Square Christmas frame for doors

 You can buy the frame or make it yourself using twigs from the garden or a nearby wood. Once you have the frame in place decorate it with berries, pine cones, dried flowers and even a festive Robin. The square shape is a lovely change from the traditional round wreath.

5. Pear and partridge 

Door with partridge and pear on it

Gold always looks fabulous on front doors and brings a touch of style and elegance to your porch or front door. Simply spray a largish branch with gold paint (available at most DIY stores), and hang a pear and a partridge in it. The perfect way to celebrate one of the season’s most beloved songs.

6. Frame it up

A brightly coloured frame makes an eye-catching festive decoration for your front door. Choose a festive colour like red or gold, hang it in place then add Christmas tree baubles in green or red, tied together with ribbon and attached to the frame with a beautiful decorative bow.

7. Stuffed mittens

Using a strip of green velvet and simply attach a pair of white woollen mittens and hang on your front door. Fill the mittens with sprigs of laurel, holly or ivy and some berries, and you’ve a novel take on the traditional festive wreath.

8. Snow paint

If you’d rather leave your front door alone, then make your windows the centre of attraction this Christmas. Using a can of fake snow and some stencils, spray Christmas shapes and designs on your downstairs windows. Easy to remove they look wonderful at night and bring a festive cheer to the holiday season.