Christmas may be fast approaching, but you still have time to complete or even start those small home improvement jobs before the holidays. It always pays to get them out of the way before the holidays begin – so you’ll have a home you can be proud of when your guests arrive for turkey and trimmings.

Kitchens and bathrooms always need a lot of TLC around this time of year, while skirting boards, cornicing and dado rails are crying out for a clean-up.
Don’t panic! We’ve got all the materials you need to spruce up your home – just in time for Christmas. Then you can sit back and relax with the rest of the family over the holidays, rather than stressing about unfinished DIY projects.

Install kitchen splash backs

Whether you’re a keen cook, or spend little time in your kitchen, wall panels and splash backs will always get stained with food or water. Grouting especially becomes discoloured over time and is such a chore to replace. The kitchen is usually the busiest room during Christmas, so give yours a welcome makeover with our wall and ceiling panels. We’ve a massive range of colours and styles. All easy to fit, they don’t require grouting and are 8mm thick, which help to insulate your kitchen and reduce your energy bills. Simply wipe over to keep clean, they are water resistant so you can say goodbye to unhygienic and unsightly mold.

Fit new skirting boards

Living room skirting boards

You’ll never have to sand and repaint your wooden skirting boards again – if you replace them with our durable, natural wood-look plastic skirting boards. We stock a range of high-density polystyrene skirting boards that are ideal for use in high-moisture areas such as bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens. Easy to install and available in natural-looking white, oak, golden-oak or mahogany, our plastic skirting boards won’t shrink or move. The perfect skirting board solution for rooms with variable humidity levels, choose from 140mm Torus or 100m OG widths.

Replace cornicing and dado rails

Kept in good condition, cornicing and dado rails add a touch of sophistication to any room. However, they are also major dust traps and can become warped by water leaks. If you haven’t time to paint them, simply use the soft brush on your vacuum cleaner and give them a good hoovering. If the cornicing is damaged beyond repair then consider a full replacement. We stock scoop, rope, plain and other popular cornice mouldings in various widths to suit your requirements. And if you want to replace architraves then choose from our range of PVC and plastic mouldings from trusted manufactures Emafyl and Swish. 

Unfortunately dado rails – the waist-high moulding around walls – also attract dust. So spruce them up with a good wipe or replace them entirely with our rope or egg-and-dart range. Once considered old-fashioned, these mouldings add a touch of sophistication to any room and also protect your walls from damage.

Replace bathroom wall panels 

Bathroom Wall Panels

High-moisture rooms, such as bathrooms and wet rooms, can be very difficult to keep clean and require constant vigilance to avoid unsightly mould and bacteria. An easy solution is to replace your standard tiling with our water-resistant bathroom wall panels. We have a huge range of colours and exciting styles to choose from. Ideal for use in shower cubicles too, our bathroom wall panels will reduce condensation, don’t require grouting and are easy and quick to install. At around 8mm thick they also help to insulate the room – a definite plus on chilly winter mornings.

Painting fences, decking, sheds and garden furniture

During autumn and winter, your garden furniture, fencing and decking all need extra special care. Extremes of wet and dry weather can crack and expand the wood. So make sure your garden is looking its very best this Christmas and give your fencing and decking a makeover. Today’s exterior wood paint isn’t the smelly stuff of old, and you can buy it in spray form to make the job faster and easier. Quick drying and often only needing one coat, your garden furniture will also welcome some nourishing TLC.

Clean your driveway and paving

Your front driveway is the first thing Christmas guests will notice… so it’s worth spending half an hour giving it a thorough clean. Specialist products available at most DIY stores will remove mould, algae and general grime from driveways, patios and pathways. You could also use a quick-drying sealant, which will weatherproof and protect your patios and block paving against fuel and oil stains.

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