What is Composite Decking? Why you should choose it!

Composite decking is now more popular than wood decking. Here’s why…

What it is

A low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood decking, composite decking is made up of a mixture of wood and wood fibres bonded together with plastic resin.

The result is an authentic looking material that is much less water absorbent than wood and has a significantly longer lifespan. It looks just like wood but is made from recycled materials so is environmentally friendly, and of course uses fewer trees!

Why you should choose it

Easy to install

Composite decking comes in easy-to-fit decking tiles that you simply slot together. It doesn’t split like traditional wood so it’s you’ll avoid those pesky splinters. Each tile is interlocked to the other in seconds using a concealed connection system, and can be laid in two different directions to create visual interest.

Composite tile decking saves time, money and energy; it’s quicker, cheaper and just slots together. Composite decking is also much lighter than wood decking, making it easier to work with and is consistent in size and shape. As a result you can create a fabulous composite decking area in just an hour or two.

Longer lasting than traditional wood decking

One of the many benefits of composite decking is that it never needs treating! So you can say goodbye to arduous weekends spent painting with creosote!

Composite decking doesn’t require sanding, sealing or painting. And its plastic resin coating means that it retains its colour evenly – even under the strongest sun. Our Twinson and Millboard ranges of composite decking have 25 years guarantee and the Duofuse range has 15 years guarantee. You’ll never have to worry about woodworm, splitting or warping again.

Absorbs less water than wood decking

Composite decking takes in much less water than traditional wood decking, providing a better grip especially when you choose an example with a more raised texture.

Traditional wood decking on the other hand often gets very slippery in wet weather. It is also susceptible to insects, mould, and fungi growth which requires a lot of attention. Composite decking is therefore less slippery and safer for children and the elderly. It is also resistant to insects, mould and fungi growth.

Ideal for home and commercial use

Composite decking is ideal for home DIY projects whether is creating a patio area or garden path, it can even be used to build balconies as an alternative to wooden decking. Composite is also flame resistant meaning you can keep peace of mind when you have that cook off on your new patio.

If you’re a business looking to spruce up your outdoor area, composite decking it has myriad commercial uses. From restaurants and bars with outdoor seating areas to garden centres, walkways, school playgrounds and sports centres. Solid decking is best for commercial use, while we recommend hollow composite for household use.

Easy to maintain

Composite decking is easy to keep clean and doesn’t require the costly upkeep of traditional wood. Simply spray with soap solution then gently scrub with a soft broom or brush, followed by a good hose down with warm water. It’s essential you rinse the deck thoroughly after cleaning. If not an unwanted gunky residue will stick to the surface of the decking.

Our stock of composite decking

We have a superb range of composite decking tiles (300mm x 300mm) and composite decking boards (140mm x 28mm x 6M) in a variety of colours and shades of brown, grey and light black.
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