“We recently moved into a new build apartment. Knowing very little about DIY we were very drawn to the idea of having everything ready-made which would save us time and effort. But actually we needed to tile the kitchen ourselves but we don’t have masses of spare time. We have 2 kids and both work full-time. We also like really minimal interior styles and can’t agree on tile shape, size or colour. Could you please suggest a few looks that we can create using splashbacks/wall panels?”  Helen, Bridgend.

Thanks for the question Helen!

We think wall panels sounds like a sensible option given your needs. In a lot of cases opting for panels rather than tiles makes things easier and quicker. Panels are versatile and can add value to a kitchen - without compromising on style.

To give you an idea of what looks could be achieved using some of our products, we've put together a few examples below:

High contrast

A kitchen with white cupboards and black splash back

Picture credit: http://boligmagasinet.dk/boliger/sa-laekkert-kan-man-bo-med-teaktrae

This kitchen has used a contrast effect, achieved against the white units and pale flooring by using black panels. This also adds a bit of definition in what could otherwise be quite a stark kitchen.

Alternatively, if you have dark kitchen units you could contrast against these with a pale colour. This kitchen has also used lighting underneath the overhead units to lighten up the workspace. A look like this could achieved with our standard decorative panels in black with chrome infill panels.

Alternatively, to add a bit of interest you could try a fleck like our decorative panels in black sparkle or our elite decorative panels in midnight mist for a slight marbled effect rather than a flat black. There are also plenty of options in the paler, earthy colours or plain white. These are all very minimal looks that would certainly be easier to achieve with a panel as an alternative to tiles.


A marble style kitchen with panels splashback

Picture: http://www.mydomaine.com/remodelista-considered-design-awards-2014/slide1

This marbled effect would be quite easy to achieve with minimal effort.  Marble is popular because it can look expensive and luxurious, and also allowing you to bring in another bold colour, like the dark navy in the example above.

We have several panels in our range that could achieve this type of finished look. In our standard decorative panels range we have a number of different shades of marble effect including beige, rose, grey and green, so there is plenty of scope to complement the colour of your kitchen units.

Clear white

Plain white kitchen inspiration

Picture: http://comfydwelling.com/home_decor/kitchen_decor/83-adorable-scandinavian-kitchen-design-ideas.html

White is a great choice, especially if your kitchen is quite dark or in a small space - which tends to be the case for a lot of our customers.

This example above looks like a stark white painted wall - but panels could do an even better job. Plain gloss white panels could be used to replicate this idea, and would be more practical and durable than touching up paint regularly.

You could also opt for our gloss white panels in a flush fit: rather than a chrome infill to create the illusion of a larger area. 

Over to you...

What examples of styles have you seen that you like?  Let us know below, and we'll let you know how you can recreate them!