Principality's 5 easy, affordable ways to increase the value of your home


Thinking of moving? Then you’ll want to get the best price for your current property - and ensure a quick sale.


People worry they need to invest tens of thousands to get a higher price or a quick sale, but actually it can be achieved by spending much less.


We’ve rounded up the top 5 ways to add value to your home before putting it on the market - and making the sale.



Upgrade your guttering


Did you know that poor guttering can decrease the value of your property by 5%?  If your guttering makes you feel gutted, there’s no excuse not to get it sorted.  Especially with our guttering sale which is now on!


You can either install it yourself, or hire in a handy-man - it's an easy job that pays back the investment many times over.


Verdict: An inexpensive way to add value, with a quick turnaround time.




Make the most of your garden


When it comes to selling a house, the garden should be treated like an extra room.


It’s a space most buyers will want to make the most of - especially in warmer Summer months. To add another 2% in house price, you can make simple changes such as adding decking and outdoor lighting. If you have a front lawn or hedges, make sure it’s mown - with any bushes kept trim.


Verdict: If you’ve got a good area for decking, you should take a look at our decking options - which range from Riverstone Grey to Hazelnut Brown. You’ll see that 2% increase in no time.


Off-road parking


You may not have a garden to spruce up if you live in an urban area.  But if you have a front garden, then paving over it to create off-road parking is the way to go.


It can be costly to drop the pavement and have it filled in (it may cost a couple thousand), plus will potentially require planning permission. However, this can add a whopping £50,000 on top of your property price - depending on how in demand the area is - says Phil Spencer of Location, Location, Location.


Verdict: This could prove a little costly.  However, if you live in a sought-after urban area with few off road parking options, it's well worth doing.


The bathroom


The bathroom is a room on the rise, and a big factor when determining the value of a property. A new bathroom can add 2.88% onto the value of a house, and it’s easy to update features like taps, or to add a heated towel rail. Fluffy new towels and a clean shower curtain will help too!


Verdict: New taps will only cost around £30, so they’re well worth updating for that 2.88% increase in home value.


The front door


A new front door isn't necessarily going to rocket the price of your house, but it will make it seem a more attractive option.


First impressions are important, and you don’t want to put of prospective buyers before they’ve even passed through the front door.


But before making the investment, make sure that any windows or doors are in keeping with your house aesthetic.  Perhaps you could get inspiration by looking at what neighbours are doing.


If you don't want to replace the whole door, you could add a coat of paint, and make sure any fixtures are polished and in order.


Verdict: A new door knocker is only around £5, so you can’t go wrong with this simple spruce up.

Good luck with the sale...


If you're selling your house, we wish the best of luck - and hope the tips are useful.  Overall. if you want a quick sale, at maximum value, it may be worth considering some investment.