Panels vs. tiles - and why we think panels win.


Does your outdated bathroom need a refurb? Are you struggling to face the mess that goes along with retiling? If you only have the one shower at home, you don’t want to do without it for weeks while you wait for the tiling to dry - especially in busy households.


Retiling a bathroom or shower wall isn’t just time-consuming, but can also end up being very costly. Bathroom prices can easily go into tens of thousands depending on room size and tile choice. According to the online marketplace that connects homeowners and tradesmen, MyBuilder.com, the going rate per square metre for wall tiling is 20 Pounds.


An alternative to wall tiles that is becoming increasingly popular among tradesmen and homeowners alike, is wall and ceiling panels. They’re very easy to install, and much quicker too - making a massive difference to your bill from the get go.


Incase you're still not sure, we’ve put together a list of 5 benefits of bathroom and shower wall panels over tiles to help convince you!


1. Easy and quick to fit – keeping labour costs down.


One of the most significant benefits of bathroom and shower wall panels is that they’re easy and quick to install. You don’t have to be a professional tradesperson to fix your panels to the wall and create fantastic results.


With the right tools and matching products such as trims, you can finish the job in no-time. However, we do advise that you read the instructions carefully and/or chat to a professional to get the most out of your materials. If you decide to assign the job to a professional, you’ll benefit from a significant saving in labour costs compared to a tiling job.


2. Perfect match for imperfect walls – covers any irregularities


Another benefit of bathroom and wall panels over tiles, is that you can fit them over most surfaces. For example, if your current bathroom is tiled, and you’ve decided to go ahead with bathroom and shower wall panels, you don’t have to stress about stripping the old tiles off the wall before you can start fitting panels. This results in less mess and no extra costs. In most cases, the panels can simply be laid on top of the existing tiles.


If you’re doing an old property up and plastering isn’t one of your strongest skills, bathroom and shower wall panels are the ideal product to cover any irregularities in your walls.  


3. No grouting – and no black spots


Not convinced?  This will win you over.


Shower wall and ceiling panels require no grouting and are 100% waterproof. This means you won’t have to worry about water running and leaving black mould, making them ideal for bathrooms - as they’re very hygienic.



We also recommend wall panels for kitchen areas as they keep your kitchen safe from food and water splash backs.




4. Panels are low maintenance –  a long lasting product


Shower wall panels benefit from durability. For example, tiles are more likely to break when something heavy falls on them.


Prefer the look of tiling? You can decorate your bathroom with a panel that looks just like tiles. They come in a variety of styles and colours but with the benefits of a panel.


5. Panels insulate your bathroom – reducing your energy costs


Last but not least, wall panels provide insulation. If you choose a standard decorative panel, an elite decorative panel, a tile-effect panel or a marble-effect panel, each panel is 8mm thick. So when it’s cold outside, you won’t lose the heat from your radiators as quickly as you would do with cold tiles.


What now?


Now it’s just a case of finding the right style and colour from our range for you to turn your dated bathroom into a modern wellness space!


Have you installed bathroom and shower wall panels in your own house or for a customer? Share your experience below.